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Here’s Ava DuVernay’s new short titled Say Yes. It beautiful. It’s breathtaking. It’s a portrait of love. But not just romantic love, which is obvious, as the story centers around a marriage proposal. I see cultural love here. I see a love of food, dance, music and art. I see love of shared time spent together and love of shared and divergent styles, aesthetics, and expressions. I see love of friendship. I see love of family. I see love of beauty. I see love of life. I see Black love, which to me is more than heterosexual romantic love, though it includes that too. Black love is nuance. Black love is individuality and cultural collectivity.

So we have to talk about the camera work. Exquisite. We have to talk about the clothing, and shoes (wow, when Kali walks at 5:55, yasss please send me those shoes!) and makeup. We have to talk about how Ava and her team understands that when music (in addition to the visuals, of course) is doing the communicating (as there is no spoken script) the synchrony between the music and the visuals are critical. They get this. It’s…magic. It’s perfect.

The pacing of this short is brilliant. A film under 8 minutes yet it feels like it is perfectly paced and not rushed. This reveals the brilliance of a good director, and that’s Ava. She leads us very slowly yet not too slowly to that pivotal moment of the kiss from 5:58-6:21. You know it’s coming and when it does you can’t help but feel the excitement of their love. Kali Hawk and Lance Gross truly shine here. It also was cool to see glimpses of Issa Rae and Lorraine Toussaint among those at the party.

Alas, there’s also another love that I see here. I see Ava DuVernay’s love for Black people. Her respect. Her kindness. Her connection to her own people. She loves us in a way that truthfully is scarce in mainstream art though it thrives among many Black women who create compelling portraits of Black life in a variety of mediums, mainstream attention or not.

I appreciate that Ava reflects who we actually are. There’s honesty in her work. There’s integrity. There’s still spontaneity and creativity as well. Honesty is not diametrically opposed to creativity.

So please watch, enjoy and share this film with everyone and continue to uplift and support Ava’s brilliant work. Doing so means we’re ultimately uplifting and supporting ourselves. <3

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YESSSSS trudy just laid out all of my feels about this breathtaking short film!

'Slut-shaming' does not defeat the notion that women are sluts, it does not deter men from referring to women as sluts, it does not deconstruct the concept of the slut or stigmatize the slur slut as a negative in order to avoid the further normalization of the slur's concept. 'Slut-shaming' still means you are referring to women perceived in a sexual/ized manner as sluts (and takes a course towards circular logic when trying to address the rape culture myth that “women who dress like sluts are asking for it”). Instead of actually attacking the virgin/whore dichotomy by stating that no woman is a slut and no woman is a prude, libfems have re-vamped the slur in a post-patriarchal context which completely ignores how normalizing and imposing the use of the slur impacts all women in society and not just women who claim to have claimed it.



I am going to listen to this song whenever I feel jaded and hate all music. It makes me believe like few songs do. Also, dear god, why is there not MORE? I desperately need more.

(Tomboi is a brand new queer electronica band from Jacksonville, Florida. They are everything you love and nothing you hate. Unless you hate chill electronica with fucking gorgeous vocals, in which case, what are you doing here?)

woah hey my Jacksonville rock camp friends make up this band! 

at the start of the semester: i'm gonna get a 4.0 gpa
at the end of the semester: perfection is the disease of a nation...pretty hurts, pretty hurts

Anonymous asked: hey so what if someone was asexual but still romantically and aesthetically attracted to women? should they be allowed to call themselves a lesbian?



I would say no. Lesbian is the word for female homosexuals, and homosexuality is it’s own sexuality just like asexuality is. You can’t be two sexualities at once. But it’s totally fine to be an asexual person who is only romantically attracted to women

yo, I 100% disagree. I think someone can def call themselves a lesbian ace. 

Asexuals sometimes (or maybe it’s juuuuust me and no one else?) feel like our feelings are less whole and legit because of being asexual. Essentially, being gay-lite or [insert attractions here]-lite. And it’s really harmful thinking and it really sucks to conceptualize our own feelings like this.

and not all ace-spectrum ppl use the “[blank]-romantic” form to describe themselves (for example: me). Not every ace even believes in “romantic orientation/attraction” or, at least, uses it to describe themselves.

"You can’t say “I don’t do politics”, because silence is a political statement."
— Tariq Ramadan (via uniteforpalestine)